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To The Wind...

Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel - To The Wind... - Cover Image

To The Wind...

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# Play Song Title Duration Composer

Celtic Contemplation (Duet)

6:41 Fiona Joy Hawkins

Blue Dream (Duet)

3:00 Fiona Joy Hawkins

The Void (Duet)

3:38 Fiona Joy Hawkins

Light in the Darkness (Duet)

5:30 Rebecca Daniel

My Hands Were Busy

2:52 Rebecca Daniel, Alice E. Chase

Necessity for the Mundane (Duet)

4:12 Rebecca Daniel

Rain On My Coat

4:05 Fiona Joy Hawkins

Reverie (Duet)

3:51 Fiona Joy Hawkins, Rebecca Daniel

Fiona Joy Hawkins and Rebecca Daniel performed live in the studio for this exceptional recording. The piano and violin brings music that is contemporary classical with a twist of new age ambience and perfect for relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. These award winning artists are known for touring the world from their home base of Australia. "To The Wind" is a followup to their critically acclaimed album "Heavenly Voices" released in 2021. The album was recorded by Cookie Marenco direct to DSD256.