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Blue Coast Music Certificates

$100 Music Certificate / Get $15 Credit

It's that holiday time of year!

$300 Music Certificate / Get $50 Credit

$350 Music Certificate for $300

$1000 Music Certificate / Get $200 Credit

$1200 Music Certificate for $1000

NEW! Buy Music Certificates and Get Bonus Credit!

Why buy a Music Certificate?
You pay $100 and get $115 of value at our site... a $15 bonus
Buy a $1000 Music Certificate and get a value of $1200... a $200

Bonus!  After purchasing the Music Certificate, no need to use your credit card till your Certificate Code runs out!

Can I share the Music Certificate with friends?
Yes!  Buy your audio club a Music Certificate and let everyone use the Certificate Code until the money runs out.  We'll let you decide how to divide up the use between members.
Or send the Certificate Code to a friend with a 'suggested use' and use part of it for yourself.

How do I use it?
After you purchase a Music Certificate, we will MANUALLY send you the Certificate Code.  Please give us 24 hours to get the code to you.
Add the Certificate Code at checkout as you would any coupon code.

Can I use it with other coupon codes and PRIME memberships?
Yes!  PRIME members get their usual discounts.  Add coupon codes at check out along with your Certificate Code.

Sorry, there is no discount for PRIME members when purchasing a Music Certificate.

This is a limited time offer.  Please contact us if you have questions.  support@bluecoastmusic.com