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Top Ten List

Coco Scott - Smolder - Cover Image

#1. Smolder

Artists: Coco Scott
Jenna Mammina - Moonlight Ladies - Cover Image

#2. Moonlight Ladies

Artists: Jenna Mammina, John R. Burr
Jenna Mammina - Close Your Eyes - Cover Image

#3. Close Your Eyes

Artists: Jenna Mammina
Christian McBride Big Band - Bringin' It - Cover Image

#4. Bringin' It

Artists: Christian McBride
Fiona Joy - Story of Ghosts - Cover Image

#5. Story of Ghosts

Artists: Fiona Joy
Fiona Joy - Into The Mist - Cover Image

#6. Into The Mist

Artists: Fiona Joy
Meghan Andrews - Sneak Peek - Cover Image

#7. Meghan Andrews - Sneak Peek

Artists: Meghan Andrews
Kevin Eubanks & Stanley Jordan - Duets - Cover image

#8. Duets

Artists: Kevin Eubanks, Stanley Jordan
Joey DeFrancesco - Project Freedom - Cover Image

#9. Project Freedom

Artists: Joey DeFrancesco
Edna Stern - Beethoven Appassionata - Cover Image

#10. Appassionata

Artists: Edna Stern

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